Leadership Profile Creation

Hardman & Associates can provide you with a skilled coach to assist you in constructing a satisfying and informative Leadership Profile.

The content of each Leadership Profile is determined by the client and may cover areas such as leadership style, strengths, needs, interests, core values, motivation and how they respond to stress and conflict. Some leaders have also designed 360 degree evaluations to receive feedback from their supervisors, colleagues, clients and direct reports to aid them in their growth.

A well constructed Leadership Profile enhances effectiveness, unleashes energy and leads to a greater sense of personal control. Understanding your strengths and style allows you to set goals that get to the heart of what you want to achieve personally and professionally.

A number of standardized assessments are available to you through Hardman & Associates:

DISC Leadership Profile
The DISC assessment is based on the premise that all of us can do all tasks—some just take more energy than others. The DISC provides information on:

  • Which work related tasks and situations energize you and which ones tend to deplete your energy
  • How your strengths play out in high excitement/stress situations
  • How various leadership and team roles appeal to you and how/if you wish to change how you address those roles
  • How you prefer to contribute to a team
  • Feedback on what is your natural style and how you might be adjusting that style in your workplace your communication style
  • How to communicate with people with styles different from yours
In addition, the DISC provides suggestions for areas of growth. It is completed online in around 15 minutes. Debriefing the results takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

The SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory)
This inventory provides information on what motivates you in your life, both work and home, and the strengths your style naturally provides. It also gives insight on the types of situations that may be cause conflict for you and how you approach conflict. This is a pencil and paper assessment that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and score. Debriefing the results takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.